Workativ®Assistant seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow

Give your team the benefit of IT service management and conversational self-service, together.


One Click Integration 

Connect your ServiceNow Account with Workativ Assistant and the Assistant will take care of ServiceNow tasks on its own.

Automated Workflows, Powered by AI 

Whether it’s looking up an incident’s details, creating an incident or updating an incident in ServiceNow, Workativ Assistant has you covered. Automate workflows that take care of these tasks and more!


Using a Collaboration Hub? Turn it into a Help Desk in No Time

With Workativ Assistant, you can turn your business’ Slack/Teams channel into an internal help desk. This helps your employees take care of their IT issues on their own, increasing their productivity in the process.

There’s a lot you can accomplish through the ServiceNow integration


Why Workativ Assistant?  

Know how Workativ assistant can streamline and augment your workplace IT help desk.

  • IT Help Desk

    Intelligent Self-Service

  • IT Help Desk

    Automated Support

  • IT Help Desk

    Call Deflection

  • IT Help Desk

    Reduce MTTR

  • IT Help Desk

    Reduce HelpDesk Cost

  • IT Help Desk

    24/7 Support

Other popular integrations

  • zendesk


    Zendesk, paired with Workativ Assistant helps employees check the status of a ticket or a ticket’s contents all from a single location.

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  • freshservice


    The integration with Freshservice helps elevate employee experience with conversational support and quick resolution of issues.

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  • freshdesk


    The Workativ Assistant platform integrates with Freshdesk and helps employees maintain a good balance of work and self resolution functionalities.

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