Workativ®Assistant seamlessly integrates with JumpCloud

Securely manage your users and connect them to the service they need. 


Connect and Forget

Connect your JumpCloud account with Workativ Assistant and let Workativ Assistant take care of all the automation for you.

Intelligent Automation to the Rescue!

With Workativ Assistant, you can easily automate JumpCloud tasks like adding, removing, updating or getting details about a user, group etc.,


On the Road or At Workplace, Workativ Assistant has you covered

Let your remote workers get the IT support they deserve by enabling true self-service for them with Workativ Assistant on your Slack or Microsoft Teams channel.

There’s a lot you can accomplish through the JumpCloud integration


Why Workativ Assistant?  

Know how Workativ assistant can streamline and augment your workplace IT help desk.

  • IT Help Desk

    Intelligent Self-Service

  • IT Help Desk

    Automated Support

  • IT Help Desk

    Call Deflection

  • IT Help Desk

    Reduce MTTR

  • IT Help Desk

    Reduce HelpDesk Cost

  • IT Help Desk

    24/7 Support

Other popular integrations

  • servicenow


    The integration with ServiceNow enables your employees to complete common IT-related tasks such as creating an incident and updating it directly from Workativ® Assistant.

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  • freshservice


    The integration with Freshservice helps elevate employee experience with conversational support and quick resolution of issues.

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  • freshdesk


    The Workativ Assistant platform integrates with Freshdesk and helps employees maintain a good balance of work and self resolution functionalities.

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