Visual conversation designer

Workativ Assistant’s obvious point & click UI allows you to build simple to complex conversations with ease quickly. Create engaging and guided conversations for your virtual assistant to deliver active workplace support for end-users.


Dialog flow modeling

The dialog designer is equipped with multiple functions to construct a guided conversation. You can call automations or ask a question and do much more on the builder and model the dialog flow with the options you choose to construct the dialog.



Through NLP and NLU, the virtual assistant can understand the intent behind a question or request and deliver an appropriate response. A group of terms or word examples you provide would help the virtual assistant identify user inputs.



Create more useful, targeted responses based on user inputs. Through entities, the assistant would be able to deliver a response that reflects what the user expects the assistant to do. These purpose-built intelligent entities can identify user responses and capture data to perform actions accordingly.

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Dialog nodes

Dialog nodes are pre-built pieces of dialogs that you can incorporate into your simple or complex dialogs.

  • Welcome dialog
  • Fallback dialog
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Built for your needs.

Our natural language tools support textual file types and images, creating automations that deliver confident data for a wide variety of use cases.

Dialog Designer
Automation Designer

Build an end-to-end issue resolution workflow from conversation to automation.

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Dialog Designer
Chat channel integration

Deploy the virtual assistant in a single click on your enterprise chat channel

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Dialog Designer

Gather insight to craft better experiences and deliver better support to your employees

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Dialog Designer

Track conversations and automation executions to improve Helpdesk assistance

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Dialog Designer

Train and continue to develop the assistant into a full-fledged support channel for L1 issues

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