Self-service automation

Provide a modern, AI self-service experience to your employees

Self-service is not a new concept. It has been adopted in ITSM to replace back and forth emails to the help desk and typically works with an updated knowledge base to help employees find answers. The static self-service models employed in organizations merely exist to help employees seek assistance and resolve issues, but, they are slow resolution systems.

Slow processes cause frustration. The static nature of a traditional helpdesk does not comply with the expectations of a tech-savvy user and leaves a lot to be desired. A more recent self-service model would have options that enable employees to resolve issues faster and reduce pressure on the IT support staff. Many requests have become repetitive and can be automated to save time with faster management and execution.

A self-service model that enables employees to resolve issues faster and reduce pressure on the IT support staff.

A self-service model that enable employees to resolve issues faster and reduce pressure on the IT support staff.

Self-service automation

Take self-service a step above general automation by implementing next-gen technology and making inroads to providing better workplace support for the modern workforce.

Millennials and the new generation workers (Gen Z) are self-reliant and growing in number. This tech-savvy generation prefers a do-it-yourself (DIY) model, and companies would be wise to use automation and AI on their internal IT helpdesk to cater to the millennials in the workplace. For instance, they would be able to self-check the status of a ticket or reset a password or check the status of an incident. This form of self-service is DIY assistance, which you can provide with Workativ Assistant.

AI Self-service through Workativ Assistant

Workativ Assistant is an intelligent conversational assistant that helps employees self- resolve issues without a slip in productivity. It is powered by an AI+automation engine, with the capability to understand the meaning behind a user's question. This capability enables the assistant to deliver the relevant answers to help users resolve issues on their own.

A few repetitive requests that can be answered instantly through Workativ Assistant

  • Report issues
  • Reset password
  • Access provisioning
  • Modify account details
  • Verify email

How does Workativ Assistant make your work more efficient?

With the introduction of a virtual assistant for workplace support, repetitive and low priority issues get resolved instantly, thereby reducing the number of tickets for helpdesk agents. The benefit is a better MTTR, which in turn lowers the cost of a ticket.

A survey reveals that millennials would instead use a self-service than pick up the phone to resolve issues. Automated resolution on your self-service helps your employees autonomously resolve issues, no longer depending on the IT support team to resolve mundane requests.