Impact of AI and Automation on Helpdesk

Enhance support with smart technology

The operation of an essential service desk would involve a team taking details, creating tickets, and dispatching the tickets to the right SME. A more upgraded service desk support resolves issues over the phone, allows users to create and update their tickets. It would also have an updated knowledge management content, to allow users to troubleshoot the problems on their own.The more advanced service desk operations involve service catalogs that showcase standard service offerings and the service delivery expectations to the end-users.

The model has worked for many years but, for organizations on a growth trajectory, the cracks begin to show in the service desk operations. The requests start piling up, and the IT internal support team is unable to handle the inflow. Requests are managed by prioritizing and categorizing tickets, with no means of quicker resolution time.

Only a truly automated solution can be a cost-effective and productive solution.

Only a truly automated solution can be a cost-effective and productive solution.

Think AI

AI and automation on the help desk is a reinvention in terms of receiving support and employees managing and supporting themselves autonomously.

A revolutionary self-service model enables users to engage with the IT support team only when necessary, leaving support teams only the complex tasks to handle.

The impact at large is that it maximizes productivity and delivers a better user experience while significantly bringing down helpdesk costs.

The benefits of having AI on your helpdesk

Smarter and more effective support becomes a reality when you switch to a truly automated solution that not only delivers but enhances the experience for employees. AI is the crux of intelligent automation systems and is essential for providing contextual and better support.

It’s quicker

No browsing a knowledge base to get the answer resolved.

No human intervention

The assistant is designed with automation capabilities to resolve issues instantly, thereby deflecting calls away from helpdesk.

Reduced wait times

Employees won't be checking the status of their tickets as much as they used to because of the innovative self-service you provide. You'll find that tickets reach a close faster.

Accelerated resolution process

AI on the helpdesk can boost speed and enhance support efforts with automated resolution. Why AI-powered virtual assistant?

  • Call deflection
  • Faster and automated resolution
  • Better productivity

An end to end solution with automation and AI

Workativ Assistant is an intelligent automation-based platform to build and deploy purpose-built Virtual Assistant, for workplace IT support.

Workativ Assistant brings a modern self-service experience where employees can seek assistance, resolve and close issues autonomously, eliminating the need to wait in queue for ticket resolution.

The automation + AI engine lets you do more than resolve issues; you can also get tasks completed in minutes.