Call Deflection

Move repetitive and simple issues away from help desk.

Call deflection is one of the best methods to reduce helpdesk costs and help employees self- resolve issues without having to involve the helpdesk support team. A call deflection solution can help companies move repetitive and simple issues away from the helpdesk.

According to the HDI survey, call deflection helps offload call volume of about 30-40% to the helpdesk, and this percentage could be higher still.

Too many calls to the helpdesk to resolve issues could impact the MTTR because of a pile- up of requests, which would be a setback to agent productivity.

To address a multitude of requests, the resort is to automate tasks and here are some of the general automations for helpdesk in the market currently:

  • Email to ticket conversions
  • Ticket routing
  • Ticket categorisation

Call deflection helps offload call volume of about 20-30% to the helpdesk.

Call deflection helps offload call volume of about 20-30% to the helpdesk.

But do these automations really help deflect calls away from the helpdesk?

Simple ticket automation models do not reduce the requests to the helpdesk or deliver faster assistance. Even simple L1 issues take time to be resolved because of the enormous ticket queue, leading to frustrated employees and a low productivity environment.

If you are looking to reduce a chunk of tasks for the IT Helpdesk team, your support needs to be equipped with a call deflection solution.

How is Workativ Assistant a call deflection solution?

With Workativ Assistant’s automated resolution system, you have a smart call deflection model. You enable your employees to autonomously resolve L1 issues by conversing with a virtual assistant that gets the job done instead of waiting for the helpdesk agent to resolve and close the issue.

With Workativ Assistant, you enable continuity and productivity, day-to-day, at your workplace, by taking care of issues quicker. Workativ Assistant provides a conversational virtual assistant that allows employees to resolve their issues instantly, anytime, thereby creating a better user experience through self-service.

The benefits of automated resolution

It’s quicker

No browsing a knowledge base to get the answer resolved.

No human intervention

The assistant is designed with automation capabilities to resolve issues instantly, thereby deflecting calls away from the helpdesk.

Reduced wait times

Employees won’t be checking the status of their tickets as much as they used to because of the innovative self-service you provide. You’ll find that tickets reach a close faster.