ServiceNow + JumpCloud Integration and Automation

Connect apps to meet your business needs on the Workativ Assistant no-code platform, powered by AI. Automate key actions and business workflows. Take advantage of the combined benefits of AI and automation today!

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ServiceNow JumpCloud integration and automation
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ServiceNow + JumpCloud Automation

Integrate ServiceNow and JumpCloud in a snap! Connect to create automated workflows for a business use case or download pre-built automations on Workativ Assistant.


All Actions
Create User

Create User in ServiceNow

Get Incident Details

Get Incident Details in ServiceNow

Create Incident

Create Incident in ServiceNow

Update Incident

Update Incident in ServiceNow

Get User Details

Get User Details in ServiceNow

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All Actions
Remove User Group

Remove User Group in JumpCloud

Remove User From User Group

Remove User From User Group in JumpCloud

Unsuspend User

Unsuspend User in JumpCloud

Add User To User Group

Add User To User Group in JumpCloud

Add User Group

Add User Group in JumpCloud

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  • Automate IT & HR Support

    Connect with 50+ apps instantly. No coding

  • Automated Workflows

    With if/then conditions, loops, error handling, and testing.

  • IT & HR Approved

    Ease of use with security, governance, compliance. And scales easily.

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Software purpose-built to deliver exceptional support with intelligent automation.


400+ ready-to-use workflows

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Accelerate work with intelligent automation

Combine the power of conversational AI to automate workflows, to scale and augment your staff instantly.

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