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header-iconA next-gen Conversational AI Chatbot integration for ServiceNow

Integration with conversational AI improves your employee experience by miles. Connect your ServiceNow with an advanced chatbot with process automation to automate employee support. 

No credit card. Easy setup. Onboarding included.

header-iconServiceNow AI Chatbot

Optimize your employee experience by using our easy chatbot builder platform to create a ServiceNow chatbot. The chatbot you create is powered by AI and Process Automations, to automate IT & HR inquiries and develop digital experiences for your employees.

header-iconServiceNow Automation

Workativ’s platform enables you to achieve end-to-end automation for ServiceNow tasks by providing an intuitive automation workflow platform. All ServiceNow Automations can be downloaded in one click to create workflows and build an intelligent chatbot. Creating incidents and retrieving data from ServiceNow is easier with Workativ.


header-iconServiceNow Slack integration

Workativ is specially designed to integrate with various applications to enhance the workplace experience. Without requiring any additional software, employees can open Slack and get their ServiceNow requests completed through the Workativ chatbot on Slack.

slack Slack

header-iconServiceNow Microsoft Teams Integration

You can create workflows that can connect multiple applications seamlessly and give the desired output for the tasks that you want to automate for ServiceNow. Workativ makes it easier by enabling the deployment of the ServiceNow chatbot on Microsoft Teams, where employees prefer to communicate their issues and place requests.

teams Teams

header-iconGo live in a day

When we say building a chatbot is easy, we mean it by presenting you with a highly intuitive platform, self-guiding you through the process of creating workflows, and an intelligent chatbot. Build and deploy your chatbot in a day—it’s a piece of cake with Workativ.

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