Go live with a digital assistant for IT support in 3 steps!
No coding, we promise!



No coding required. Build engaging dialogs as responses to user queries.



One-click integration. Pick from a range of integrated applications to create a fully automated virtual assistant.



Deploy the virtual assistant on your chat channel to get issues resolved in a flash. No more contacting the helpdesk.

Dialog Designer

01.Dialog Designer

Dialogs define how the virtual assistant responds to user requests or queries. Identify the conversations you need to create for delivering effective support and build them on the dialog designer.

Chat Channel

02.Automation Designer

Set up an automation in just 3 simple steps. No coding required. Link the automation to a dialog and voila, you have a solution delivery system for the respective IT issue.

Chat Channel


Deploy the virtual assistant in your business’ chat channel so that your employees can quickly self-resolve their IT issues via the chat channel.